“Kenny helped us earn back to back National Championships and was a key part of our winning the first ever 24 Hours of Sebring in 2021. Kenny is patient, smart, fast, and safe. I expect that he will continue to excel and contribute to even more Driver and Team Championships in 2023 and beyond.”

Mark Martin – Team Owner at W2W Racing

About Kenny Schmied

From a young age, Kenny was a big fan of motorsports thanks in large part to a passion for it by his dad. Family night as a kid usually consisted of a trip to the local dirt track called Tri-City Speedway in Granite City, IL. Kenny’s favorite cars to watch were the winged sprint cars of the World of Outlaws, and at just 8 years old Kenny had his first test in a quarter midget at a small dirt track near Gateway Raceway. Some brief discussions ensued about getting Kenny into racing at such a young age, however his racing career would not come to fruition until many years later.

Getting involved in a wheel-to-wheel rental kart racing league in 2017 at the Unser Centennial kart track in Colorado, Kenny fell in love. After a season of rental racing, Schmied had the chance to test a two-stroke race kart in early 2018. Kenny remembers vividly being blown away by the speed and the g-forces in a real race kart, and ordered a KA100 package just a few days later. Kenny began regional kart racing in KA100 with the Podium Race Team in 2018 in a series called the Colorado Karting Tour. A solid year of learning made Schmied eager to compete more frequently and gain more experience. Kenny had his breakout year in 2019 driving double-duty in KA100 and LO206 for Forward Direction Motorsports. He scored multiple podiums in multiple classes, secured his first Regional KA100 victory at Action Karting, and scored his first win in the Colorado Karting Classic 4-hour endurance race alongside co-drivers Adam Rylance and Josh Weis – a victory the team would successfully defend again in 2020.

On the heels of this momentum, Kenny attained his competition racing license in 2019 by attending the Allen Berg Formula School at Laguna Seca, and the Lucas Oil School of Racing at Sebring.  Over the winter Kenny explored his options, and ended up reaching out to Mark Martin at Will-to-Win (W2W) Racing. Joining the team for a partial 2020 season in their 2016 Porsche GT4 Clubsport, Kenny quickly got his feet wet in the endurance sportscar world. A breakthrough six-weekend 2021 season was capped off by a victory at the first ever 24-hour race at Sebring International, a win in the eastern and mid-west championships, and the top trophy of the year, the WRL GTO national championship honors for car #983.

After returning with W2W Racing for a third year of WRL competition in 2022, Kenny scored two podiums and finished the season sixth in the WRL national championship standings. After three years with the team, Kenny has announced he is joining AOA Racing in 2023 to mount his professional racing debut in SRO’s TC America series. Kenny’s 2023 TC America season has just finished off October 6-8 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where Schmied scored a podium in the final round of the season, helping him finish 5th in the TCX drivers championship.

Racing Resume / Past Results


SRO Touring Car America – North American Championship, 2023

Team: AOA Racing    Car: #14 BMW M2 CS Racing (Cup)    Class: TCX

Full Season Results:     Drivers Championship: P5     Team Championship: P5

2023 Results:

04/01     Sonoma Raceway (Race 1) – P6 Overall & in Class

04/02     Sonoma Raceway (Race 2) – P12 Overall / P6 in Class

04/29     NOLA Motorsports Park (Race 1) – P20 Overall / P7 in Class

04/30     NOLA Motorsports Park (Race 2) – Not Classified

05/20     Circuit of the Americas (Race 1) – P24 Overall / P9 in Class

05/21     Circuit of the Americas (Race 2) – P4 Overall & in Class

06/17     Virginia International Raceway (Race 1) – P18 Overall / P8 in Class

06/18     Virginia International Raceway (Race 2) – P5 Overall & in Class

08/19     Road America (Race 1) – P4 Overall & in Class

08/20     Road America (Race 2) – P3 Overall & in Class 

09/23     Sebring International Raceway (Race 1) – P5 Overall & in Class

09/24     Sebring International Raceway (Race 2) – P6 Overall & in Class

10/07     Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Race 1) – P8 Overall / P5 in Class

10/08     Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Race 2) – P3 Overall & in Class


World Racing League – U.S. Endurance Championship, 2020-2022

Team: W2W Racing    Car: 2016 Porsche GT4 Clubsport MR    Class: GTO

2020 & 2021 World Racing League GTO National Champions

2022 Results:

03/05     Barber Motorsports Park (Race 1) – P8 Overall & in Class

03/06     Barber Motorsports Park (Race 2) – P9 Overall & in Class

05/07     Road America (Race 1) – P5 Overall & in Class

05/08     Road America (Race 2) – P46 Overall / P19 in Class

07/08     Road Atlanta (Race 1) – P5 Overall & in Class

07/09     Road Atlanta (Race 2) – P9 Overall & in Class

08/06     High Plains (Race 1) – P3 Overall & in Class

08/07     High Plains (Race 2) – P4 Overall / P3 in Class

09/03     Virginia International (Race 1) – P10 Overall / P9 in Class

09/04     Virginia International (Race 2) – P54 Overall / P26 in Class

10/29     Sebring International Raceway (Race 1) – P7 Overall & in Class

10/30     Sebring International Raceway (Race 2) – P14 Overall / P12 in Class

12/02     Circuit of the Americas (Race 1) – P32 Overall / P22 in Class

12/03     Circuit of the Americas (Race 2) – P20 Overall / P18 in Class

2021 Results:

05/08     Road America (Race 1) – P5 Overall & in Class

05/09     Road America (Race 2) – P7 Overall / P5 in Class

06/05     Daytona (14h) – P15 Overall & in Class

07/17     Road Atlanta (Race 1) – P6 Overall & in Class

07/18     Road Atlanta (Race 2) – P32 Overall / P16 in Class

08/07     High Plains (Race 1) – P2 Overall & in Class

08/08     High Plains (Race 2) – P11 Overall / P5 in Class

10/30     Sebring (24h) – P1 Overall & in Class

12/04     Circuit of the Americas (Race 1) – P23 Overall / P18 in Class

12/05     Circuit of the Americas (Race 2) – P17 Overall / P16 in Class

2020 Results:

06/13     Daytona (14h) – P18 Overall / P8 in Class

07/18     Road Atlanta (Race 1) – P8 Overall / P7 in Class

07/19     Road Atlanta (Race 2) – P7 Overall / P6 in Class

08/08     High Plains (Race 1) – P2 Overall / P1 in Class

08/09     High Plains (Race 2) – P1 Overall & in Class

12/05     Circuit of the Americas (Race 1) – P8 Overall & in Class

12/06     Circuit of the Americas (Race 2) – P11 Overall & in Class


Karting Results

Colorado Karting Tour Special Events

2021 CO Karting Classic 4-Hour Endurance Race – P3

2020 CO Karting Classic 4-Hour Endurance Race – P1

2019 CO Karting Classic 4-Hour Endurance Race – P1

IKF Region 4 – Colorado Karting Tour Season(s)

2019 LO206 Championship Season – P5: One Podium, No Wins

2019 KA100 Championship Season – P3: Three Podiums, One Win

2018 KA100 Championship Season – P3: Four Podiums, No Win


FIA Categorization & Licenses Held

FIA Driver Categorization: Bronze

NASA Competition – Good Thru 12/31/2024, Member #222508 

Past: USAC Competition – Expired 12/31/2023, Member #151333889

Past: WRL Competition – Expired 12/31/2022, License #22-0284, Member #1217

Past: SCCA Competition – Expired 6/30/2021, Member #610181